Apartment Garden: Broccoli

Starting broccoli from seeds in a New York City apartment

I’m trying my hand at urban gardening once again, this time with broccoli! Broccoli takes well to being started indoors, so the plan is to get it going inside then move it to a pot on my fire escape once it matures a bit.

I started off in two upcycled, iced coffee cups. I did this so that I can carefully monitor the amount of water I add. However, I’ll have to re-pot them before I move the sprouts under an artificial light as I don’t want to grow anything besides broccoli.


I planted two seeds per cup and I’m happy to say that after two-weeks I have a strong and healthy sprout!

Broc top

I’m not sure if any of the other three will make it, but I planted four with the goal of at least one surviving, so I consider this a success! I’ll keep this lil’ guy on my window sill for another week or so and then move him to a new home and give him dosages of light from an artificial lamp.

If you’re interested in starting yourself, I found these three blogs and articles particularly useful:

High TimesĀ article about the cons of growing in clear plastic under artificial light.

Den Garden post on container gardening broccoli.

Urban Fig post on indoor gardening broccoli.



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