Shorakapok Rock

Brief description and history of Shorakapok Rock in Inwood Hill Park.

Inwood Hill Park holds a tiny landmark of both local and national significance.


As the plaque describes: According to legend, on this site… Peter Minult in 1626, purchased Manhattan island.

Inwood Hill Park, or the Shorakapok Preserve, was the summer fishing ground of the Lenape tribe with whom the Dutch traded. This is evidenced by the caves, still intact in the park today, which were seasonal homes for the Lenape people. While history might never know the exact spot of the transaction, it’s a good guess that it may have happened somewhere in this park.

Shorakapok Rock is short walk from the 207th street stop on the A train and a bit longer of a walk from the 207th stop on the 1. There are also a few bus options including the BX 12-SBS which runs through the Bronx to Inwood. The rock is also marked on the Inwood Hill Park Map, so if you can make your way to any park entrance, you’ll be able to navigate over to the site.

Next time you’re in NYC and want to find a tourist spot a little off the beaten path, head uptown and check out Shorakapok Rock!



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