Poor Footing is a site about walking, all types of walking. We are hiking enthusiasts both backcountry and urban. Our mission is to offer an enjoyable platform with trail journals, art, and information on the amazing and budget friendly activity of walking while enjoying the scenery along the way. Remember it’s all about the smiles, not the miles!


Donnie “Babysteps” Welch is a writer, hiker, and teacher living in New York City. When not in the classroom or urban hiking he’s often exploring trails in the Hudson Valley or venturing into new sections of the Appalachian Trail in pursuit of a complete section hike.

Jonathan “J-Dub” Welch is photographer currently living in North Carolina. He’s an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker “class of 2012” and Vermont Long Trail End-to-Ender “class of 2013”.